We are Grey Dog.

Your best-in-breed team of marketing and events experts.

Grey Dog delivers omnichannel marketing campaigns and flawless events for ambitious clients.

We do this through our clear-eyed strategies, creative copy and design, digital marketing savvy and events expertise.

How can we help you?


Develop your brand and clarify your message so that you can go to market with confidence.

  • Brand development
  • Audience analysis
  • Brand messaging
  • Visual branding


Effectively managed campaigns and activities, working and creating impact across multiple channels. 

  • Marketing strategy
  • Organic content marketing
  • Ad and website copywriting
  • Digital marketing


Full-service professional conferences, business and networking events, awards and gala dinners.

  • Operational management
  • Event production
  • Virtual event management
  • Design and brand activation


Create a visual impact for your brand with creative, memorable and user-friendly design.

  • Professional design studio 
  • Website design
  • Print and video graphics
  • Digital marketing graphics

Why choose Grey Dog?

Grey Dog is a full-service team of marketing, events, and design experts. We tailor our service to suit your professional needs and achieve your marketing goals.

Grey Dog helps companies understand their customers’ needs and how to market to their ideal audience efficiently through events, content and digital marketing.

Grey Dog partners with companies that want to increase brand awareness through marketing activities, including omnichannel campaigns and flawless events.

Ready to work with one agency for all your marketing, events and design needs?

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You want to have a consistent level of marketing and event activities so that you can increase your brand’s visibility and gain traction. That takes a lot of time, money and effort.

With so many marketing platforms to choose from and the need to keep up with rapidly changing trends and technology, doing your own marketing and events often proves too time-consuming and generates little reward. 

On the other hand, when hiring an in-house marketing and events team, it can be difficult to find the right people with the best mix of expertise. And then there’s the fact that you may only need marketing or events support at particular times of the year. 

It makes sense to hire a marketing and events agency that you can trust to outsource your growth activities to. 

But since most agencies have just one specialisation, what often happens is that you end up hiring multiple agencies to fulfil just one goal. With different agencies on board, your message can easily get lost resulting in ineffective marketing that damages growth and drains your budget.

We’d like to share our solution. We’d like to introduce you to Grey Dog. 

When you work with Grey Dog, you have a multi-specialism marketing and events department on your side, advising and collaborating with you every step of the way to enable your growth.

Grey Dog is a unique full-service marketing and events agency with a team of experts ready to take care of your needs. 

We listen to you, and we get clear on your strategy and how to communicate your offering. We collaborate with you to develop marketing and events that work across multiple channels, all with a laser focus on delivering transformative results and high ROI.

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