The expanding horizons of event technologist agencies 

Recent research from Cvent highlighted the pivotal shift in event management from being confined to back-end operations to now playing a critical role in elevating event experiences. This move requires an accelerated understanding and adoption of event technology.  

COVID-19 highlighted the need for events to embrace technology to cater for hybrid and virtual requirements, but event agencies now play a critical role in crafting immersive experiences that extend to cutting-edge solutions such as hybrid speaking and delegate experiences, panoramic LED screens and data analytics all geared towards elevating event engagement. The evolving responsibilities of event management teams now include: 

  • Tech integration: Event teams are tasked with seamlessly integrating various technologies from virtual speaking platforms to event apps to live stream feeds, all geared at enhancing engagement. 
  • Data analysis: Leveraging data analytics to gain insights into attendee behaviour, enabling event organisers to make data-driven decisions.  
  • Aligning with multiple external providers: Coordinating with multiple third-party suppliers and developing RFPs and managing multiple vendors. 
  • Immersive experiences: Event teams now deliver immersive events using advanced technology to enhance delegates’ on-the-day experience.  

Grey Dog has existed as an event management agency since 2011 but catapulted its event technology capabilities following 2020’s ‘stay at home’ mandate that required the instant conversion of in-person events to online. Here is what we, and other experts in the field, have learned since that time.  

Harness the power of external agencies for expertise.  

Expertise augmentation: Recent findings emphasise the benefits of collaborating with specialised external agencies. These agencies bring niche expertise in areas such as virtual event production, app development or AI-powered solutions, complementing the skills of in-house teams.  

Access to cutting-edge solutions: External agencies often have access to the latest event technologies and can help event teams stay at the forefront of innovation. They are also likely to house multiple disciplines allowing event organisers to tap into other areas of technology-enabled expertise such as event marketing and graphic design.

Scalability and flexibility: Partnering with external agencies provides scalability and flexibility allowing event organisers to adapt to the specific needs of each event without overburdening internal teams. However, event organisers should ensure that they have one party to manage all supplier and vendor relationships with a tried-and-tested formula.

Effective collaboration with multiple external agencies requires management, but research suggests that the collaboration between event organisers, event technologists and external agencies is poised to become even more critical. As technology continues to evolve, event organisers will need to rely on external agencies’ specialised knowledge to stay ahead of the curve.  

With extensive global experience of creating and executing the ‘new normal’, here are our top tips on aligning for effective collaboration with multiple agencies 

  • Clear communication: Open and transparent communication between parties is essential. Clearly define goals, expectations, and timelines to ensure seamless partnerships. For some of Grey Dog’s clients, we are the internal team too.  
  • Alignment with brand and goals: Ensure that the event vision aligns with brand’s objectives. This is crucial for delivering a cohesive and on-brand experience.  
  • Continuous feedback loop: Regularly solicit and provide feedback to foster an environment of continuous improvement. This approach helps fine-tune technology solutions for optimal results.  

In summary, the role of event teams is evolving, and the partnership between in-house teams and external agencies is becoming increasingly vital for successful technology-enabled events. By embracing collaboration, event organisers can leverage specialised expertise, access cutting-edge solutions, and create immersive event experiences that resonate with attendees. As technology continues to shape the future of events, working hand-in-hand (or paw-in-paw🐾) with external agencies is the key to staying competitive and delivering outstanding technology-enabled event experiences.  

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