About us

We are Grey Dog, your best-in-breed team of marketing and events experts.

About Us

You want to have a consistent level of marketing and event activities so that you can increase your brand’s visibility and gain traction. That takes a lot of time, money and effort.

With so many marketing platforms to choose from and the need to keep up with rapidly changing trends and technology, doing your own marketing and events often proves too time-consuming and generates little reward.

On the other hand, when hiring an in-house marketing and events team, it can be difficult to find the right people with the best mix of expertise. And then there’s the fact that you may only need marketing or events support at particular times of the year.

It makes sense to hire a marketing and events agency that you can trust to outsource your growth activities to.

But since most agencies have just one specialisation, what often happens is that you end up hiring multiple agencies to fulfil just one goal. With different agencies on board, your message can easily get lost resulting in ineffective marketing that damages growth and drains your budget.

Grey Dog is a unique full-service marketing and events agency with a team of experts ready to take care of your needs.

Carley Quigley
Founder & CEO

I lead the pack whilst still getting my hands dirty with event management and spending time with our clients to continuously listen and react to their needs and feedback so that we have an ever-evolving and improving service.

However, my number one focus is the people in Grey Dog – I support them so that they can support you.

I love my role at Grey Dog because we are always teaching and always learning.

Jay Donegan
Head of Operations

I work to build the foundations for our team so that our business can continue to grow and better serve our clients.

Utilising my background in both engineering and sales management, I generate actionable data and insights to help us make the right decisions when it counts.

I love working for Grey Dog because of the people, the culture, and the game-changing results we produce for our clients.

Olivia Cummins
Head of Strategy

I do niche-sector marketing strategy and event production to help clients position themselves effectively for growth. I have over 10 years of experience in marketing strategy within B2B sectors and financial conference production.

I love working at Grey Dog because I enjoy working with business leaders, founders and entrepreneurs in the finance sector. I like helping them strategise and deliver results through thoughtful marketing plans and f-ing awesome events.

Michelle Noone
Head of Client Relationships

I listen and orchestrate on behalf of our clients and team, so our relationships and businesses are in a solid and happy place for growth. I love working at Grey Dog because of the culture. Every member of the team is unique; each person has their own skill set and talents but we’re all united by our sound moral values and work ethic.

This is instrumental in everything we do. A client gets the best service when working with a unified talented team, and makes my job so much easier.

Michele Brosnan
Head of Design

I’m responsible for all the design requirements of our clients. From large-format event space graphics to websites, brochures, videos and social media, we cover it all. In previous roles, I’ve worked in digital, motion graphics and print companies, so it’s exciting to be able to bring all those offerings to our clients from under one roof.

I love working at Grey Dog as we have such a lovely varied group of clients and an incredible hard-working, creative team.

Ailbhe Cooke
Head of Digital Marketing

I focus on the digital strategy of our clients, ensuring our outputs are aligned with our clients’ objectives, whilst constantly monitoring and optimising for continuous improvement. Working in the marketing and events industry has given me a good understanding of key performance drivers that can guide business success.

I love working at Grey Dog because the people are amazing, and we are encouraged to learn and grow on a daily basis.

Sarah Boyle
Campaign Manager

I’m passionate about helping people achieve the best possible results, working closely with our clients on their digital marketing campaigns. I worked in advertising and direct marketing agencies, managing a portfolio of clients in many different industries. My experience across many aspects of digital marketing allows me to contribute to a variety of exciting projects.

I love working at Grey Dog because we have an amazing team.

Siobhan Fitzgerald
Content Lead

I create content that speaks directly to our clients’ target audience. I’m obsessed with words and really enjoy generating fresh ideas and bringing our clients’ brands to life through considered, on-point messaging. My expertise is in branding, strategic content planning, and copy and content writing. I’ve worked in publishing, languages and digital marketing. This experience informs everything I do.

I love working at Grey Dog because it’s progressive and positive, the team is the best, and I have lots of scope to learn and grow.

Clare McSwiggan
Event Development Manager

I am dedicated to delivering the highest quality event experience to our clients – from initial brief through to event day. Through my 12+ years working in the events sector, I thrive on understanding a business’s objectives and working with them to provide a tailored & comprehensive event service, allowing them to get in front of their required audience efficiently and effectively, whilst supporting their goals and enabling growth.

I love working at Grey Dog because the team is at the heart of everything we do. Everyone’s strengths and experience are celebrated and utilised, which enables us to provide each client with the first-class and bespoke event service they deserve.

Órfhlaith Carragher
Design Executive

I have experience in graphic design, art direction, and content creation. I enjoy the process of design thinking and creative problem-solving. I’m a huge fan of playful typography, bold colours, and retro illustrations! When designing for a client, I strive to create visually appealing designs that effectively communicate messages through those designs, while staying up-to-date with design trends. I aim to maintain brand consistency while bringing a fresh feel to my work. From event collateral design to advertisements or web assets, I experiment with new ways of visually communicating a point.

I love working at Grey Dog because of the positive work environment that supports everyone’s individual talents and celebrates their hard work.

Jill McClinton
Senior Event Manager

I take care of all the details to make our clients’ events flawless, handling everything from finding the perfect venue and negotiating contracts to managing suppliers, coordinating AV, liaising with sponsors, organising F&B, and making sure everything runs smoothly on the day.

My journey with Grey Dog started as an intern after I finished my BA in Human Development & Geography from DCU. I quickly learned that I love events! To enhance my skills, I earned my Professional Diploma in Event Management from UCD Professional Academy.

I love working at Grey Dog because I get to travel the world, meet interesting people and work with a great team.

Laura Mulligan
Senior Event Manager

With over 10 years of experience, a Postgraduate Diploma in Management & Marketing, and a BA in Visual Merchandising and Display, I bring valuable knowledge and a creative outlook to the Grey Dog team. I have a track record of producing successful hybrid events across various industries globally. My expertise includes project management, managing budgets, vendor management, logistics, producing high-quality content and creative marketing campaigns. I am passionate about delivering the highest quality service to every client and have invaluable experience in the planning and execution of events and marketing.

I love working at Grey Dog as our team is dedicated and loyal.

Ciara Cantwell
Digital Marketing Specialist

Seeing the correlation between strategies and results fuels my passion for digital marketing. My previous experience working in the tourism and charity sector has helped me define and grow my analytical and technical skills

I execute and manage online marketing strategies to enhance the visibility of a client’s brand by cultivating brand awareness, driving engagement, attracting leads, and ultimately converting them into customers.

I love working at Grey Dog because I get to work with a great variety of clients and a very talented team.

Jennifer Wilde
Digital Media Executive

I graduated from DCU with a BSc in Multimedia and went on to obtain a Higher Diploma in Digital Marketing from DBS.

Since then, I have worked in social media marketing and graphic design until I recently joined the digital team at Grey Dog. I have a passion for constructing impactful and creative campaigns for clients to help them achieve their business goals. 

I love working at Grey Dog because we are committed to delivering the best possible results while also providing a positive working environment – for each other and our clients. 

Daniella Mendoza
Copy and Content Specialist

With a background in journalism and literature, I’m passionate about storytelling; I believe engaging, well-told stories can make brands and businesses memorable and, ultimately, successful.

I support the team with creative, effective copy and content that helps drive results for clients. I love that every day brings a different challenge and that I’m surrounded by positive people who support and encourage me to tackle each one.

I love working at Grey Dog because it feels like being part of a community.

Lucy Grennan
Event Specialist

I began working in events from a young age through family businesses and always knew I had a passion for the details and intricacies involved in Event Management. Over my career to date, I have contributed to the planning, preparation and execution of a variety of global events. My experience has taught me that discretion and professionalism are essential.

I love working at Grey Dog because the enjoyment of attendees and the satisfaction of my clients is imperative, and I’m encouraged to always meet the highest quality standards in my work.

Are you ready to work with one agency to fulfil all of your marketing and events activities?